The Montreal Mirror - Artsweek - March 26

New theatre
company gets active

Patrick Charron and Joanne Sarazen in Drag on Jaded

Another month, another new company—haven’t folks heard that English-language theatre is supposed to be dead in this city?

Montreal actor/writer Joseph Bembridge has assembled a dozen like-minded souls to form the Carney Collective in order to create, “Edgy work for theatre and non-theatre people who are young and cool, like all of us.”

An impressive 14 projects are already planned, beginning with Drag on Jaded by Ryan Hurl, which plays nightly at 8 p.m. until Saturday, March 28 at lab.synth├Ęse (435 Beaubien W., #200).

In the play, Eddy, an old man on his last legs, meets Lucy, a university student. The pair try to find a bridge across cultural and generational gaps to form a friendship. “I think everybody working on the project was affected by it,” Bembridge says. “In our culture, we don’t acknowledge the elderly as being a part of our future.”

New works with socially relevant themes are what counts for the group. “Everybody has to be active—we find theatre as our activation.” Bembridge says, “We all go through that transition when we finish school and wonder, ‘Now what are we doing?’ This is a way to keep us together in the city and working.”


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